PSYCH-K & Muscle Testing

In a PSYCH-K session we use muscle testing to confirm inquiries by examining the body’s reaction. This very easy as well as effective approach is used in three methods:

Body Stance and also the Setting.

The companion sits or stands pleasantly with rested body. The companion after that lifts up one arm to the side, the chin is parallel with the floor while their eyes focused down. This makes it possible for the conscious mind to detach so we can straightly interact with the subject subconscious mind.

The Facilitator

The facilitator will concurrently stand beside of the companion, with one hand on their shoulder to assist keep the companion steady and the free other hand on the partners wrist with their thumb below for support.
The facilitator will sequentially then ask a question to the companion for them to repeat, then they will additionally say ‘be strong’ then use a percentage of descending pressure for 2 seconds while asking the companion to gently resist.

The Partner

If the partners arm secure place, this is a strong or positive reaction.
If the partners arm gives way or lets go then this is a weak or no reaction.
To obtain the most dependable feedback from muscle testing it is best if the companion keeps a neutral and typically curious attitude regarding whether a certain end result of muscle test will be strong or weak. It is likewise advised to have a bottle of water prior to starting as dehydration can lead to inaccurate results.

PSYCH-K® & Muscle Testing

Self Muscle Testing

Self Muscle Testing

Facilitator Muscle Testing

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